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By Mr. Charles Sankey Emanuwa (Poet Laureate)

This publication is made of:

- Poem: a literary composition in verse, in particular one expressing deep feeling or noble suggestion in an innovative way.
Spiritual: of the human spirit or soul, no longer actual or worldly.
Spiritualism: the assumption that spirits of the useless can and do converse with the living.
Carnal: Of the physique or flesh, no longer non secular, e.g. Carnal desires.
Psalm: a sacred music, in particular a type of within the e-book of Psalms within the outdated testomony of the Holy Bible.
Anthology: a set of passages from literature, particularly poems.
Alliteration: the incidence of an identical letter or sound in the beginning of numerous phrases in succession, e.g. sing a track of six pence or i like to like those that decide to love.
Myth: a conventional tale that embodies renowned ideals or explains a tradition, trust or typical phenomenon. A parable, allegory. A fictitious individual or thing.
Metaphor: the appliance of a be aware or word to whatever that it doesn't follow to actually, that allows you to point out a comparability with the literal utilization, e.g. the night of one’s lifestyles, foodstuff for proposal, Peter the Rock.
Simile: a determine of speech during which something is in comparison to one other, e.g. went via it like a scorching knife via butter, he's as demanding as rock.
Oxymoron: placing jointly phrases, which appear to contradict each other, e.g. bittersweet?
Eulogy: a speech or piece of writing in compliment of someone or thing.
Dirge: a gradual mournful music, a lamentation for the dead.
Euphemism: a delicate or roundabout expression substituted for one thought of wrong or too harsh or blunt, ‘pass away’ is a euphemism for ‘die’.
Paradox: an announcement and so on. That turns out to contradict itself or to clash with logic yet which incorporates a fact, e.g. ‘more haste, much less speed’.
Pantheism: the idea that God is every little thing and every thing is God.
Parable: a narrative advised to demonstrate an ethical or religious truth.
Split infinitive: an enormous with a notice or phrases positioned among to and the verb, e.g. to completely comprehend. many of us dislike this building and it will probably frequently be refrained from e.g. via placing to appreciate thoroughly.
Exaggeration: to creating of (a factor or factor) appear larger or greater than it truly is; with exaggerated courtesy, with over the top courtesy.
Evocation: calling up, produce, or motivate (memories, emotions, a reaction, etc.)
Hyperbole: an exaggerated assertion that isn't intended to be taken actually, e.g. a stack of labor a mile high.
Fact: whatever identified to have occurred or be real or to exist.
- Propaganda: exposure meant to unfold principles or details that may convince or persuade people.
Fiction: a made from the mind's eye; an invented story.
Onomatopoeia: the formation of phrases that imitate or recommend what they stand for, e.g. cuckoo, plop, sizzle, chirp, screech, bubble.
Omnipotent: having limitless strength or very nice power.
Omnipresent: current everywhere.
Omniscient: realizing every thing, having very wide knowledge.
- Om: a mystic syllable thought of the main sacred mantra (in Buddhism and Hinduism etc)
Chant: a track to which the phrases of psalms or different works with abnormal rhythm are equipped through making a song numerous syllables or phrases to an analogous word; a boring song.
Verse: a metrical kind of composition, as unique from prose.
Prose: written or spoken language now not in verse form.
Satire: using ridicule, irony, or sarcasm in speech or writing.
Parody: a comic book imitation of a well known individual or literary paintings or style.
Satanism: worship of devil, utilizing distorted kinds of Christian worship.
Tautology: asserting of a similar factor another time in numerous words.
Travesty: an absurd or inferior imitation.
Innuendo: a nasty insinuation.
Craze: an excellent yet usually short-lived enthusiasm for something.
Dream: a sequence of images or occasions in a sound asleep person’s mind.
Vision: the college of seeing, sight. whatever noticeable within the mind's eye or in a dream etc.
Visionary: present in basic terms within the imagination,

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