We're happy to explain any question you may have about shiddume.if you are curious
about something and don't see an answer here ,please contact us


  • Who is shiddume for?
  • Do i need an account?
  • What if my information doesn't fit your resume bulider?
  • How will receive my resume when i'm finished?


  • I wanr a versions of my rsume with different layouts,so i can sent different ones to different people.How can i get different copies?
  • I like to have one resume with a picture, and one without.can i do this with shiddume?
  • I have a few version of my resume,depending on whom i senting it too.How can i do this with shiddume?


  • I want store on my account, but i dont't want the professional shadchan review.
  • I want a professional shadchan to review my resume,but i don't want to pay for my resume.
  • How can i delete my resume?

Who is sheddume for?

sheddume is for anyone who want's shidduch "resume" that looks...

Do i need an account?

After you create your resume,you'll automatically receive an account with shiddume,where you'll able to login or redownload your resume anytime

What kind of file will my resume be?

sheddume will create a pdf file of your resume ,A PDF is a common file type that easily opened and read by anyone.


What if i want to edit my resume later?

With resume edit power(available to premium account holder),you can login into your account ,editing your information ,and download a new version of resume anytime.if you have a basic account ,you can add resume edit power to your account by loging in ,and selecting it from Acount Addons list.

What if i want add a section that's not in your rsume bulider?

The resume builder has been reviewed by professional shadchanim to ensure that it has all the sections you may need .While it's possible you won't find what you want ,look a little closer.Many of the fields designed to be flexibl.

For example ,the "siblings" sections contain fields for your "siblings" names and ages .You can use the "Additional details" fields for education,positions,spouse -or,leave it blank

It is not possible to add additional sections,However ,there is a "summary" section at the end,where tou can add as much text as you'd like

I like to have one resume with picture, add one without.can i do this with shiddume?

sheddume automatically sents you two version of your resume;one with one without picture .(Picture are optional.if you prefer not to include one,you'll only receive one version of your resume.)

I really like one of the fancier shiddume templates,but i'd like to also have a simpler template on hand .How can i get different coppies?

Select one template to start with .After you've received your resume ,you can login and select "Edit my resume" you can choose a different template and download a new copy of your resume.